Low Tide in Oregon

This is one of my all-time favorite photos that I’ve taken. The footprints belong to my husband, and he is the lone figure in the distance, so I may be a little more partial to this one than a casual observer. We drove up the coast of California into Oregon last October, and I *Highly* recommend visiting Oregon in the fall. It’s probably the closest thing to a true fall season I have ever experienced. When we made it to this beach, the tide was out and we spent about an hour running from one tide pool to the next to inspect the sea creatures. I’ve never seen so many starfish or anemones or mussels! The next day after this picture was taken, we left the coastal highway to drive to McMinnville to visit the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. On the roads between the coast and McMinnville we encountered the most beautiful fall foliage I have ever seen, and about a million “Christmas” trees. It was raining and the road was very narrow and twisty (there was no where to pull over), so I sadly didn’t snap a single picture. Oh well, I got some great pics along the coast and beaches, and now I have a good reason to return!

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