Winter is Coming

I know this picture has *nothing* to do with Game of Thrones, but it’s currently our joke around here about everything to do with winter and Christmas is in the winter… Anyway, my lovely husband and dog volunteered to be my guinea pigs subjects for a sample Christmas card photo tonight. I wanted to get my settings just right before I do a mini-session with my neighbors this weekend. Our neighbor/good friend is deploying next week and will be gone over Christmas, so his wife/my good friend asked me to do something that they could make into a Christmas card. This is just one of the ideas I had with Christmas lights, but I like how it turned out. It helps that we have some nice wooden stairs to be our background. I’ll have to move some things around to get 2 people in the shot. My other idea is below. It turned out a bit blurry because my ambient lighting was much less and the auto-focus didn’t lock on. It’s something I can fix easily, but I couldn’t tell on the tiny screen that it was blurry.

He wasn’t trying to be emo here. He was looking down because he was being eaten alive by mosquitoes and he couldn’t move to swat at them because I had him wrapped up in lights! Oh well, next time bug spray first, pictures second. I’m also going to try out my new reflectors that Josh got me for my birthday to reflect a little bit of light back onto the face/head area in both poses. Short of wrapping lights around his head or Photoshop, this was the only way to get a completely dark background and properly exposed lights.

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